Our SaaS solutions replace manual processes and improve efficiency

Innovative, Intelligent, and Easy to Use

G360 solution focuses on how relevant data is easily collected. We enable business users to design what data to collect via a browser-based GFormĀ® Designer, which is easy to use. You can design an audit checklist, self-assessment questionnaire, product inspection form, incident report form, or any data request and save it as a web form (GForm).

You can then link such a web form with a workflow where you can specify the "who", and "by when" the request is due, and have an email automatically sent to the person. The web form is managed by the G360 cloud and the person responsible can enter and submit data via a mobile phone or laptop or any device with a web browser.

Reports are automatically generated based on the templates you designed and emailed to the stakeholders. You can access the dashboards to check on status, alerts, hot spots, and reports anytime anywhere based on your permissions. You can do all the above in real time with G360.