Supplier Compliance Analytics

Real-time, actionable dashboards, alerts, and reports are just a key-click away

Supplier Compliance Dashboards

  • Review suppliers' social compliance performance by Region, Country, and Tier.
  • Top 5 or 10 lowest scored suppliers for a region.
  • Drill down to a specific supplier to find compliance performance details.

Supplier Compliance Database

  • Centralized supplier compliance database with detailed compliance data for each supplier.
  • Search suppliers based on different metadata and save the search query for later use.

Supply Chain Visualization

  • Supply chain tree or map based on product types and supply relationship.
  • Drillable sub-branch of your supplier map.

Audit Pipeline

  • Real-time status of ongoing audits and CAPs.
  • Historical trends to better guide your resources.

Search and Advanced Analytics

  • All documents, text, and other data are indexed and searchable.
  • Search-based analytics to analyze and predict.

Watch: Managing Social Compliance Program with G360

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