Intelligent Sourcing

G360 STM masks the complexities of global sourcing for softlines and hardlines in one system. Pre-configured templates and workflows speed data entry and automate sourcing processes.

Compare sourcing alternatives and track orders. Automate processes with alerts and milestone tracking to get immediate visibility when problems occur.

Control and optimize freight in the same system used for tracking orders to reduce costs and prevent delays. Manage 10+2 Importer Security Filing data elements.

Powerful costing engine normalizes detailed costs from design to delivery and reconcile estimated landed costs versus actuals for better planning.

Better Visibility

G360 STM delivers visibility into all direct and indirect costs by product, SKU, line, supplier, region and business. Your products land at the costs you estimate. G360 STM mitigates risk through better data management and ensures that you meet your margin and profitability projections. The powerful costing engine is integrated with sourcing and logistics, making it easy to develop estimated and actual landed costs.

Leading retailers including Staples, The Home Depot, JCPenney, and Argos use G360 STM to improve collaboration, drive better business decisions, and achieve real cost savings across their supply chains. Our highly-scalable solutions combined with deep industry expertise make global sourcing easy for any size business.

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