Browser-based Tools for Business Users

Automate tedious manual processes to improve performance with ease and flexibility

Create web forms for data capture, logic calculation and scoring

Design workflows for task management, scheduling, alerts and notifications

Design dashboards, scorecards and reports

Visibility and Traceability

Collaborate with third parties based on business rules and workflows:

"Slice and dice" data via the built-in analytics engine

Review and compare results for continuous performance improvement

Monitor performance with dashboards and scorecards

Manage data online, offline or via mobile device

Conduct tasks, alerts and reminders based on priority

Communicate results via reports and alerts

Address the Excel Problem and More!

G360 Insights® platform keeps an intelligent audit trail and catches inaccuracies on all data that is entered into the system and guarantees that there is single version of the truth.

Ease of use

  • For Business Users
  • Web Form (GFormĀ®) for Data Collection
  • Mobile and Desktop


  • Prescribe What You Want to Capture
  • Know Exactly Where It Is Stuck
  • Capture Data Once, And Use It Anywhere
  • Trusted Data to Drive Decisions