Manage Supplier Sustainability and Compliance

With G360's innovative technology solutions

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Implement your Solution in Weeks

Our solutions are expertly designed to reduce the implementation time and cost.

Easy to Use

Users can access the applications from any devices on any operating systems such as PC, laptop or mobile phones.

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Replace Manual Processes

Our technology solutions automate the entire process from identifying suppliers, managing program status and communications, to distributing scores, reports, monitoring improvement plans and managing service providers.

Acquire Data Efficiently

Efficiently and consistently distribute and acquire self-assessments, audit checklists, corrective action plans from suppliers; sorting and prioritizing data into a format that is searchable and stored in a central repository, thus removing data silos.

Robust Reporting

Deliver highly customizable reports and data visualizations to measure and track against performance goals. Tailored dashboards help management and staff do their jobs more efficiently and successfully.

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