Business Problems

Social and environmental responsibility audit for private label suppliers:

  • Supplier sub-contracting
  • Lack of risk-based CAPs
  • Manual process is too slow and costly
  • Silo-ed data making SLA difficult to measure among supply chain partners

Before G360

  • Team size of 15 based in US and Asia
  • 40% of resource is consumed in coordinating audit activities and cutting and pasting data from Excel sheets, emails and phone calls
  • Need to increase team headcount by 50% and budget for service providers by 35% over 3 years
  • No ability to stop POs for factories with critical CAPs that are open or late

With G360

  • Automated audit process along with risk-based tiered CAP process
  • Expanded audit and CAP coverage with no additional headcount
  • Critical CAPs are tracked to be resolved within 15 days
  • Monthly SLA review with suppliers and service providers is automated with real-time web-based dashboards
  • POs can be stopped for high-risk non-compliant factories or suppliers