Bringing Visibility to Supply Chain Compliance

Achieve greater control and efficiency in your compliance programs

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360° View of Your Suppliers

Building a sustainable supply chain means linking many different initiatives to a common goal. Between on-boarding checklists, self-assessments, social compliance audits, and corrective action plans, it's hard to collect the relevant data in a timely manner from your suppliers and deliver it to the right people.

G360's Supply Chain Compliance solution brings these moving parts together in a single place and enables you to gain an enterprise-wide view of compliance risks.

More Effective Corrective Actions

Just because you've conducted an audit doesn't mean that work on your supplier compliance program is done. You need a system to organize, catalogue, and prioritize critical findings to maintain confidence in your purchases and business partners. Managing corrective action plans is essential to preventing repeat violations and promoting supplier self-improvement.

Our solution removes the grunt work of tracking corrective action programs that actually close issues and improve supplier practices.

Manage Your Business with the Right Data

From supply chain compliance and sustainability to incident management, companies face constant and evolving needs to collect the right data in a timely fashion from their suppliers, vendors, trading partners, and other third parties. How often have you emailed such requests via Excel to your suppliers or service providers? G360 is your answer.

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