Find the data you want

With all the systems and processes you have in place, why do you frequently struggle to find the data you want?

Improve collaboration

Stop relying on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to manage your business.

Save time, money and improve performance

G360 offers a unique platform and suite of solutions to get you up and running at a fraction of the cost in a matter of days.

Health, Safety & Environment

Make informed operational decisions and respond to incidents faster.

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Quality Control

Improve accountability for product quality challenges.

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Trade Compliance

Respond to ever changing compliance regulations at lightning speed.

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Vendor Compliance

Our centralized solution enhances and streamlines your compliance program.

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The Problem

Data is constantly reacting to events. From policy changes and natural disasters to human errors, data can quickly become stale and turn into silos of spreadsheets and emails and other documents.

The Solution

We solve the problem by thinking differently about how data is collected, managed and consumed. We preserve the context of data that is critical to improve transparency, efficiency and performance.

Right Data

We simplify and streamline the process around data collection and transform it into accessible data.

Right Time

We enable you to find the data you need at the right time and improve efficiency and performance.

Right Context

We make sense of your data by capturing the "who", "when", and "why" in the data trail.

Right People

We maximize accessibility and accountability by passing the data to the relevant stakeholder through the right channels.