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Our innovative software solution enables timely decision-making with easy data collection, process automation, advanced reporting and analytics.

G360's Audit Management Solution

Monitor progress, create focus, and drive compliance.

Take control of
your audits

Design audit programs based on business needs and supplier segmentation

Automate and streamline audit execution

Accurate and real-time audit reports

Avoid surprises and fire drill associated with a bad audit

Leverage corrective action plan to drive changes

Tiered CAP based on audit scores, risks and factory profiles

Alerts and escalation for zero-tolerance or late CAP

Proper closure of all CAPs from plan to evidence verification

Automate follow-up audits and re-audits

Use data to improve performance

Automate monthly and quarterly reports

Customizable KPI's

Gain insights into factories and improve SLA's

Learn compliance trends such as top non-compliances by industry and product line

How does it work?

Audit Scheduling

Request an audits by simply selecting from available audit programs, facility for the audit, and a due date. Once an audit request is submitted, email notifications are automatically sent to the facility, vendor and the auditors for coordination.

Audit Execution

Auditors are able to see all pending audit requests and respond to audits based on criticality and due dates. Once the audit assessment is completed, the audit result is available for review immediately.


Audit requests are sent to facilities in real time. Facilities may suggest alternative schedule time and other preferences for the audits. All correspondence and communication is automated and tracked in the system.

Suppliers and Vendors

Suppliers and vendors have visibility into detailed audit and CAP information for their factories. Alerts and notifications are sent to suppliers and vendors in real time via emails.

A 360 degree view of your supply chain