Audit - Remediation - Compliance

Innovations to better manage supply chain risks.

G360Link Helps Enterprises to

  • Enhance compliance and performance of the extended supply chain
  • Improve transparency, trust and relationships with service providers, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Expand protection of stakeholders from unintended risks
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost of compliance administration

G360Link Enables Retailers and Brand Owners to

  • Hold service providers, suppliers and sub-contractors to the highest level of accountability
  • Provide the quickest and easiest way to improve processes as business needs evolve
  • Gain enterprise wide visibility into risks
  • Make smart business decisions and initiate timely resolutions to eliminate risks

Customers are Using G360Link to Implement

  • Robust, automated and prioritized audit and remediation programs
  • Comprehensive systems to manage supplier service agreements
  • Dynamic platforms for sharing and comparing ARC data with other companies
  • Solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Product Quality and Government and Regulatory Compliance